Lucy Easthope's work utilised in key national guidance on site clearance following major emergencies

June 2016

Photo: Government Operational Research Service

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New environmental management guidance published by the Department for Communities and Local Government has applied lessons from Centre Associate Dr Lucy Easthope’s international research findings. The site clearance guidance is designed for the use in the short and longer term of major emergencies in the UK and advises local planners on issues such as hazards assessment, waste management, rebuilding and the importance of the site to local communities. Dr Easthope moved to the law school in May 2016 and specialises in law and policy in the aftermath of disaster. She is a senior lecturer at the University and also holds an honorary Senior Research Fellowship at the Emergency Planning College. Her work and particularly her approach of producing detailed case studies of recent disasters and the lessons within them have been quoted extensively in the new document. Dr Easthope’s research has taken her to the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand and the clean up after numerous flooding emergencies.

She has supplied an appendix on a particular passion - the storage, careful care and eventual return of personal effects and items of property after disaster. She has campaigned throughout her career to inform responders about the emotional value that may be placed on these items and to provide support for their return rather than an immediate response of taking them to landfill. It is hoped that guidance such as this will improve readiness nationally for environmental disaster. 

You can download the guidance here - 


You can read more about Lucy’s views on the devastating effects of environmental disasters here - 


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