Dr Stephen Turner speaks at the XVth World Water Congress

June 2015

Photo:   http://disrupts.co.uk/

At the end of May Dr Stephen Turner presented two papers at the World Water Congress in Edinburgh. He was part of a special session to mark the publication of a book called 'Water Ecosystem Services' for which he has contributed a chapter entitled 'The interface between human rights and ecosystem services'

He also presented a paper which dealt specifically with the potential for new approaches to the governance of water ecosystem services.

The World Water Congress takes place over the course of a week and provides a venue for experts from around the world to discuss latest developments in related areas of law, economics, ecology, engineering and policy.

Stephen said that, 'meeting and listening to experts from all over the world who were speaking on a diverse range of subjects such as the implications of dam building and irrigation, international law relating to shared watercourses, environmental impact assessments, the right to water and indigenous peoples' rights was a great opportunity to be exposed to the very latest approaches in this rapidly advancing field and it was an honour to be part of the special session for the new book too.'